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Devotion to Duty

Twitter Presence

We have a twitter account that we update with news and service notices. We suggest you follow our Twitter if you are an NSA Customer. Our Twitter is strictly professional and only contains relevant notices about ISP Service Outages, new equipment installations, and other important notices relevant to your service.

Our twitter name: nsacoil


Emails, Phones & Skype

To reach us by phone, please dial +1.845.6525911 (US Number)

You can also Fax us to +1.201.8099400.

To reach us by Skype, please add: AricFedida to your Skype contacts.

In case of Emergencies only please send a Text (SMS) to: +1.609.4220311.


Postmaster & Abuse

We take our Postmaster, Hostmaster and Abuse roles very seriously, and we take extra care to observe netiquette.

As a result, the following mailboxes are monitored closely, and our response times for those issues are nearly immediate.