No Spam

Are you sick and tired of Spam?

No Spam! Period!

At NSA Internet Technologies Ltd. we host hundreds of mail domains. While hosting their mail with their Internet Service Providers, Most of our users ended up getting spam at one point or another (Usually pretty early). It starts with one or two a day, then it becomes 5 spams a day and before you know it, you get 20 spams or more! I used to get around 100 spams a day. Now I get 1 spam a week! Try our Amazing Anti-Spam technologies and forget Spam ever existed!

With our Anti-Spam technology you never lose legitimate emails. Legitimate mail doesn’t just “vanish”. We just chuck all spam into your “Junk” folder. You can periodically scan it for legitimate mail. If you do find legitimate mail, please keep a copy of that email and let us know so we can improve our filters.

How we do it

We use the robust and tested Qmail mail server, in conjunction with many goodies that make our lives (and yours) much pleasant. Our SMTP servers are equipped with the following components:

  • Block 100% known spam sources before the data is even received.
  • Reject emails that contain viruses (also scans zip/rar/jar and other archives).
  • Virus Signatures updated every 6 hours!
  • Content of emails is automatically analyzed by SpamAssassin for “spam content”, and potentially rejected.
  • We use an SPF plugin (Sender Permitted From) to help eliminate fraudulent emails from our domains.
  • We analyze mail headers in real-time and reject mail with forged headers.
  • We can detect automated mass-mail robots using several techniques.
  • We block some dial-up ip addresses from accessing us directly.