About NSA Services

The idea behind our Managed Plans is that the customer has less control over his web settings. This may seem like a disadvantage, but most of our customers feel comfortable knowing we will always tune the performance of the web servers, upgrade the services and maintain reliability and security without them having to go through the technical aspects of maintaining a web server.

As a customer you still have control over your mailboxes, mailing lists, forwards, web mail, and DNS records.
We will replace hardware, install software updates in coordination with your technical staff, and make sure your online presence keeps working 24/7.

Web Hosting

We have been doing Web Hosting for years. Whatever your needs, we know how to get it done.

NSA is dedicated to taking your web hosting needs to the next level. Because our focus is on providing you with high quality services and bleeding edge technologies backed by our own staff of software and network engineers, you can depend on us to always be there for you, whatever your needs may be. You will not be forwarded to third parties; we will always have a solution for you.

Providing quality, professional web hosting services and timely support to customers is set to top priority, our ultimate goal is to provide every client 100% satisfactory web hosting services. This is why you can find an extensive support system on this site, which includes a knowledge base, and support forums. In addition, every single query from customers to the NSA Staff is ensured to get a response within 24 hours.

As a personal website or business website owner, you deserve quality, reliable and affordable web hosting services from a professional web host.

Try our hosting solution today and experience the difference in webhosting by a professional web host.

DirectAdmin Plans

For our customers who like to control everything on their own, but are not willing to pay the high prices for a dedicated server, we provide the DirectAdmin Control Panel with every hosting package. You can control all of your settings, from spam settings, to mail boxes, forwards, mailing lists, databases, to ftp accounts, directory security, ssl support and more, all from a simple and easy to use web based administration panel. Install Open Source software such as WordPress, Drupal, SugarCRM, at the click of a button with our Installatron System (I personally guarantee that if you try it once, you will fall in love with it).

You can view our hosting packages and decide which one to choose for your project. We usually recommend our Starter Package, which offers a winning combination of value per money spent.

IT Services

NSA Has an IT Branch which specializes in Networking Equipment, Hardware Purchasing & Installation, Operating System Installation & Hardening, Shipping Logistics, Internet Routing, Load Balancing & Redirection, DNS Services, Mass Mailing Services (strictly legit), and more.

Software Development Services

You can read more about our World Class Software Development Services.