Varnish is a robust and lightweight reverse proxy cache, which sits between the internet and your web server (typically Apache). The strength of Varnish comes from its support of VCL (Varnish Cache Language), which can be used to deploy custom caching logic. Using VCL, a webmaster can highly optimize the caching logic, to yield incredible results never before seen in the web caching field.

We have experience deploying Varnish to dramatically accelerate web serving and caching of static and dynamic contents. In some edge cases we have seen 200% to 5000% in performance improvements.

If you have a high traffic web site that is brought down to its knees, consider giving Varnish a try. We will be glad to help you deploy this solution on your systems, with minimal downtime.

Outsource your caching to us!

Why outsource to us:

  • You don’t want to mess with VCL scripting and complex installations
  • You don’t want to pay the high costs of hosting your own cache servers around the world
  • You want the peace of mind of knowing a Varnish expert is on top of your caching performance

NSA has the perfect solution for you. We have Varnish Servers in several continents, all running an optimized Varnish with custom written VCL Scripts, on an optimized TCP Stack.

For example, Our machines have been shown in several tests to serve 12,000 requests per second per machine, for a standard sized CSS file.