How to download a full backup of your site with DirectAdmin

We probably do not need to explain in the year 2010 why backing up is not just a good idea, but is critical for any site owner.

This simple guide will show you how how to:

  1. Ask DirectAdmin to produce a backup of your site, mailboxes & databases, into one small package
  2. Download this backup to your local machine

We will assume the following:

  1. You have a hosting package on a DirectAdmin server
  2. You know the login & password to your package
  3. You have enough space in your package for the backup file

Step 1: Ask DirectAdmin to generate the backup

Login to your DirectAdmin package, and you will be greeted with the following page (click to zoom):

You will get to the “Site Backup” screen, now click the “Create Backup” button:

Click the "Create Backup" button

You will then see this screen:

If you get this message, you clicked the right button!

And after a minute or two, if everything went well with the backup, you will also receive an email from the system, which should look like this (more or less):

This is what you should see in your email

Step 2: Download the backup to your computer

Now that your backup is ready, it’s time to download them to your computer. Click again “Create/Restore Backups” in the main Control Panel page.

You will see again the “Backups” page, this time click the link at the bottom that says “Click here for a list of your current backups”.

You should now see the following screen:

Now, here is how we suggest you save this file:

  1. Open your “My Documents” folder in your computer, and inside make a new directory called “Site Backups
  2. Now in the page above, Right-Click and select “Save as…“, then choose your “Site Backups“.
  3. Your backup will now download to the “Site Backups” directory.

That’s it, we are done!

As a general rule, I suggest you keep at least 1 week of backups on your computer.