VPS Servers

Virtual Private Servers (VPS)

We sell VMWare based Virtual Private Servers with some great success stories. Many of the more popular blogs in Israel are hosted on our VPS Servers, and enjoy the privacy, security, stability and flexibility that a VPS provides.



Items that apply to all of our VPS Servers:

  • All first time installations (setup fee): Free!
  • Reinstall cost is $20 if you somehow managed to break it beyond repair (very rare)
  • Technician Hours are $60/hr for manual fixes in your own OS (you would not normally need this)
  • Our DNS Server supports the SOAP API which is a unique feature! (Read more about this)
  • IP Addresses are $4/month per additional IPv4 Address.

OpenSource Application Deployment

When doing business on the internet, several popular applications become critical to your business. They are applications that support your business as you grow and expand your customer base. Here’s a short list of applications we install for our customers:

  • CRM & ERP Systems (SugarCRM, OpenERP, OpenBravo, FatFreeCRM)
  • Robust, Scalable Ad / Banner Management Systems (OpenX)
  • Responsible Email Marketing Software (OpenEMM)
  • Live Traffic Analysis (Piwik)
  • Great Enterprise Email Services (Zimbra)
  • Chiliproject (Agile Project Management)

We can install these applications for you either on a VPS or on your own fully dedicated, fully managed server.

Magento Optimized

We specialize in optimizing a VPS server for extremely fast Magento performance, using the following technologies:

  • NginX with Static & Dynamic Caching
  • Varnish Cache
  • Memcache
  • PHP5-FPM with with Xcache & Suhosin for security
  • Percona MySQL Server for extreme InnoDB performance

We also specialize in setting up highly available clusters for Magento stores.