Project Management System

If you are developing a solution for the Internet, you need to manage yourself accordingly. The Internet has become a highly competitive environment, with tens of thousands of companies developing solutions. At least 10 other companies are probably developing an idea that you either had, have, or are developing yourself (Except for the rare occasion where your idea really is very unique).

At NSA we develop everything using Agile Software Development Methodologies. We have a weekly Scrum meeting, and we try our best to reach the goals set by our Scrum Master. To achieve an efficient work environment, we  chose to use a wonderful OpenSource tool called Redmine (

After successfully using this tool for a while, we figured many companies could really use having this tool in their organization. It’s amazing how many development teams do not have access to efficient and convenient software management tools and/or methodologies. It is even more amazing that some teams do not even use Version Control for their projects.

So if you are thinking about starting an R&D or IT project, or you are already involved in such a project, we believe you will absolutely love our flavor of Redmine, which includes the following features out of the box:

  • Projects are tied to SVN, CVS or GIT repositories (SVN is default)
  • Scrum Dashboard
  • Extra Charts (including a burndown chart)
  • Status Updates Module (instead of your staff posting updates in Facebook, they can post in Redmine)
  • Gantt charts
  • Issues & Sub Issues
  • Wiki + Wiki Extensions
  • Automatic update of issue statuses from code commits
  • Roadmap, Release Cycle Management & Statistics

This system is offered free of charge, and no installation is required. All you pay for is the traffic & storage space costs:

Package Name Storage Space Monthly Transfer Monthly Cost
Redmine Small 1gb 10gb $10/month
Redmine Medium 2gb 25gb $15/month
Redmine Large 5gb 50gb $20/month
* Please note that prices do not include V.A.T.
* V.A.T. Is only applicable for Israeli customers. International Customers are exempt.

Please contact us for more information, or for a demonstration call.

For Open Source Developers – Absolutely Free!

To show our support for the Open Source community, we are offering absolutely free hosting + redmine.

All you need to do is prove your project is Open Source. This deal is unbeatable! 🙂

Coming Soon: Screenshots…