About Devhost

Devhost is an International IT Solutions Company with a global reach, and with its roots in Israeli Hi-tech.

Established in 2002, Devhost is managed by a small group of technical people with a Software Engineering background, and a very rich tenure in the Startup ecosystem.

Some of us have erected large companies from scratch, and did everything from buying the hardware, recruiting teams of engineers, setting up websites, writing software, setting up the network, and launching media campaigns.

Support Strategy

When you call a Devhost representative, no matter your professional background, chances are we know what you’re talking about. We deal on a daily basis with designers, software engineers, network engineers, hardware vendors, bloggers, artists, media gurus, TV producers, etc.

There is no “Waiting on the line for a 1st level tech support person”. You always reach a very professional “New Media Guru”. Some of you understand the value, but for those who don’t: this means great savings in terms of time, costs, and complexity. Tasks that can sometimes take days and even weeks to complete with larger companies, take a few hours to a few days with Devhost.

Knowledge & Experience

Our knowledge and experience span the entire gamut of Internet Technologies: TCP/IP Networking, Firewalls, Routers, Web Servers, Application Servers, Database Servers, Image Manipulation & Compression, Video/Audio Broadcasting, Content Management Systems, Blogging Platforms, MicroBlogging, SMS Messaging, Email Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, Online Shops, CRM Systems, Banner Advertising & Ad Serving, and the list goes on!