Ask, And you shall receive!

Are you struggling with focus on a software project?

Keep dealing with teams that just don't get it?

Our goal is to help you make sense of your own projects and requirements, and help you achieve your goals in the shortest amount of time possible, with the least amount of resources possible, without compromising on quality.

ASK Technologies Inc is a boutique IT, Software Engineering & DevOps shop established in 2011 as a service layer designed to help small to medium businesses cope with the ever changing world of technology. Think of us as experienced CTOs for hire.

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Tech Consulting

Experience matters. Is your idea fully scoped out? did you dive into the details? What hidden risks lurk in the shadows? We can help solidify and clarify your vision, choose a stack, and vet your R&D team. Or just use ours!

CTO / DevOps Services

CTOs and DevOps teams are expensive and often under-utilized. Nobody buys a cow for a cup of milk so let us help! We offer hourly consulting services, and will be your mercenary CTOs and DevOps staff.

Meta Hosting

Tell us which audience you're targeting, and we will help you decide where to host your assets! Latency, fault tolerance, automatic scaling and disaster recovery are all critical to business continuity.